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Whether your pooch is well behaved or is causing problems, proper activities and training should always be part of your daily life together.

Even small dogs can create a big mess

Basic routine exercises around the house and also outdoors are essential to keep your dog balanced and happy.
Even if you are the lucky owner of a well behaved and happy dog, there are always tricks and fun exercises we can show you.

Always remember a dog’s daily routine should involve: EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE/TRAINING and AFFECTION…… in THAT order. Most of our pooches are getting too much affection and not enough exercise or training which can result in misbehavior. Most dog owners are more DOG LOVERS than LEADERS .

Its always easier to set a dog on the right path from the start rather than to have to correct misbehaviour . Eventhough it is never too late and every day is a new day for a dog , maintaining a balanced routine is the easier choice.. WE CAN HELP. DON’T WAIT UNTILL YOU HAVE PROBLEMS . Start before they occur in order to prevent them from happening in the first place.

If the problems are already there.. well , let’s work together and correct them in the right way. TOGETHER as a team we will make every DOG OWNER a PACK LEADER and the dog a submissive follower……. YOU AND OUR PET WILL EXPERIENCE GREAT THINGS TOGETHER. And don’t forget the fun you will have together…

Of course training involves  commands  like “sit “  , “down”  , “stay “ ,  “fetch “……etc. But it is the general  behavior and the socialization  that makes a great dog.  The partnership between pet and owner  that should not need a leash  , but  be held together with an invisible bond. WE SHOW YOU HOW TO ACHIEVE THAT .

Training sessions are private or in groups , depending on your needs ..
Besides all the obvious benefits , lets not forget how much FUN   you will have working  with your dog.
With a well mannered dog where ever you go you and your pooch will be the center of attention.
Transport problems ?   we  have our very own Pet Bus available , so pick up and delivery can be arranged.

We also go out side  and  do training around the village , to experience real life situations  , like traffic and other dogs  .

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